We all share a tremendous passion for great food and drinks.

It’s really very simple, the key to Life is to be Happy & Healthy.
Easier said than done?

We firmly believe that if you eat better your gonna feel better and maybe if your lucky enough even improve your health while your at it. Don’t get us wrong this isn’t a calorie counting recipe site, but we encourage you to use healthier premium ingredients to produce some of the best home-style comfort food recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

Tune in often for our new food facts and quick tips geared towards improving your kitchen skills and making your cooking a breeze.

Our Picture Recipes will provide step by step instructions and make cooking fun and easy.

We’re sure you can find some great recipes to enjoy, just check us out.

We are anxiously awaiting our new cookbook release, and currently are working on uploading our recipes as fast as we can, there will-be a mass recipe update to this site very soon so stay tuned. 

Please excuse our mess, more soon to come …

Thanks Chef Gary Santelices

Eat Better and Feel Better !
Cooking with Restaurateur & Author
Chef Gary Santelices




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